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  Requirements for Membership
An individual, experienced, full time inspector must:
Have passed the NHIE1, or the NAHI CRI exam.
Have completed at least 200 fee paid inspections.
Maintain at least 16 hours of continuing education credits annually. 2
Be or have been actively involved in historic preservation3 or have
    obtained a Certificate in Preservation Skills and Technology or have
    attended an Association For Preservation Technology conference.
Maintain valid State or Municipal license(s).4
Maintain ethical standards as defined by State license requirements
    or by the Code of Ethics of either ASHI® or NAHI
Pay annual dues of only $30.00
Two (2) inspection reports of buildings constructed prior to 1925 are to be submitted for review and must:
Be narrative style format.
Meet ASHI® or NAHI™ Standards.
Exhibit expertise in evaluating and reporting on structural and
   mechanical conditions observed in historic buildings.


Frequent Questions about Membership
Q: I meet all the general inspection requirements, have done thousands of inspections of old homes and restored my own historic home, but I have not been involved in any preservation projects or education. Would I qualify for membership?

A: No. Beyond the technical experience requirements, we are looking for potential members that have shown they have an understanding of historic preservation standards and encourage historic home buyers and owners to preserve the character of historic properties. That is why we require a member to have been actively involved with a public historic site, historic district or society, or have earned a Certificate in Preservation Skills and Technology. In other words, we are looking beyond an applicant's home inspection career for some evidence of truly caring about promoting historic preservation and increasing their knowledge of historic buildings.
Q: I don't meet all of the requirements for membership yet. Is there a "candidate" or "associate" membership level?

A: No, but please continue to persue meeting all of the requirements. If you need any advice, please do not hesitate to e-mail the Director, or contact a member in your area.
Q: Inspection companies in our area all use checklists and not narrative style reports. Realtors seem to prefer quicker, easier reporting formats. Why does HBIA require a narrative report?

A: We feel that a narrative report is necessary to properly educate historic home buyers and document repairs, improvements and maintenance issues. Each historic home is so uniquely different that no "checklist with comments" report could adequately describe the information the buyers need and deserve. Some of that information is educating the buyers about making repairs and improvements while preserving important historic details that could not be included in simpler report formats. Regarding realtors wanting quicker, easier reports: They are not our clients, the buyers/owners are!

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for Approved Members:
1 Or the "ASHI Exam" before the existence of the NHIE.
2 Must be courses or seminars approved by the inspector's State licensing Board, ASHI® or NAHI™. Seminars at the Restoration & Renovation Conference and/or other courses for a Certificate in Preservation Skills and Technology.
3 This includes paid or volunteer service as a Board member, director, consultant or advisor to a public historic site, historic district or society. Other education or certifications in preservation technology will be considered.
4If required in the inspector's service area.