Historic Building Inspectors Assoc.
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Historic Building Inspectors Association
~ Membership Application ~
Bus. Address:
Bus. Phone: ___________________

Bus. Fax: ____________________
Website: ____________________ E-Mail: __________________

1. Have you passed the National Home Inspector Exam? ________ Date: __________
    or the NAHI CRI Exam? ________ Date: __________

2. Have you completed at least 200 fee paid inspections? ________

3. Do you hold valid State or Municipal Home Inspector's License(s)
    in the areas you service? ________ . Not Applicable: ___

- Please list State/Municipality and License Number if applicable:
State/Municipality License # State/Municipality License #
_____________ _____________ _____________ _____________
_____________ _____________ _____________ _____________

4. Have you earned 16 hours of continuing education credits last year? ________

ASHI® MRC's: ______
NAHI™ CEU's ______
State: _______ CEU's ______

5. Are you, or have you been, actively involved in historic preservation ________,
    (This includes paid or volunteer service as a Board member, director,
    consultant or advisor to a public historic site, historic district or society).

    Please list name, and contact info of the historic site, district or society:

    Have you earned a Certificate in Preservation Skills and Technology? ________


    Other involvement with historic preservation (in addition to the above):

6. Are all your reports prepared and delivered in a narrative style format? ________

7. Do your inspections and reports meet ASHI® or NAHI™ Standards? ________

    I, the undersigned applicant, hereby declare that the information contained in this application is true and agree to submit verifiable proof and documentation if requested. If approved for membership, I also agree to uphold the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics as defined by my State license requirements or ASHI® or NAHI™.
    I hereby agree to hold the Historic Building Inspectors Association, it's members, board, committee members or director harmless in the event of rejection of membership for any reason. I further agree to hold the Historic Building Inspectors Association and it's entire membership harmless in the event of a claim or proceeding arising out of the performance of an inspection or consultation for clients referred to me by other members, the website or from any other promotional materials of the Association.

Please mail application to:
Historic Building
Inspectors Assoc.
PO Box 201
Springtown, PA 18081
Signature: _______________________ Date:__________

Membership dues, other reports or documents
should ~NOT~ be sent with this application.
Not Required:

1. Would you consider offering a free consultation to a public historic site, historic
    district or society in need of an expert opinion for repairs or maintenance? ______

2. Would you consider a position as an officer of this Association,
    or serve on a committee? ______

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